Command & Conquer IV: Tiberian Eclipse
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Post  Aubron Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:19 pm

Hey, just wanted to introduce myself. Name's Aubron Wood, and I'm hoping to work some with Nyt to help with web design. I'm not a game designer, but when I heard about this project, I wanted to contribute however I could. Thanks for the work you guys are doing, it agitated me beyond belief to see a series I loved as much as C&C ruined as it was.

So, my website is, which has my portfolio. I'm experienced in designing and maintaining forums, as you can see at The Hangar Bay, where I am an administrator by the name of HDShadow. That entire site was the design of myself and a friend, and all the coding was mine.

I've also offered a server of mine for you all to use for the website, 150 gigs of web space and 1.5 Tb of monthly bandwidth, most of which goes unused.

Thanks again guys, hope the project turns out well.

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Introduction Empty Re: Introduction

Post  Raiden4900 Sat May 08, 2010 12:13 pm

Lets keep this to introduce ourself, eh? My name is René Im 19 years old and from Denmark (the capital of sweden, some say, but we are our own contry -.-)

I never been that into mods. C&C allstar as the only mod I played was great, but needed alot of work. Right now I am gaming Essence for C&C3, and it actually quite rocks my socks. After the so called epic conclusion of TT I felt misplaced in earth. Did I really deserve this kind of ending to one of my favorites gamegenre since I was only 6? Then some random dude came on the forums saying he would mod C&C3 into an altered C&C4, and I was. Yeah.. right. But I kept a look on it. And now I gonna make sure you guys tells the story in a awesome way. The best Fan-made way.

Not only does my actors and me do the FMV's we'll also do the EVA-units for this game. I am very excited about this mod, and can't wait to get to work with the FMV's.

We have previously done some short action films. Made an Video Interview for som highschool students, that they got 10 for, which is around a b+/a. It have all been done with a little camrecorder and windows Movie Maker, so it was very limited.

As for myself. I work in my sparetime at HLTV rougly translated into "Hole Lolland's TV", so that means I now have access to Final Cut pro, some nice and expensive camera's and setups, which our own production had a little taste at last year, but nothing has been released.. yet. This project is almost VITAL to keep the excisting N.A.K.S.K.O.V Productions as we call it, alive.

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